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What can I take instead of medication for asthma during pregnancy?

What can I take instead of medication for asthma during pregnancy?

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Stomach medicines taken during pregnancy may increase the risk of developing asthma in your child.

During pregnancy, stomach ailment is one of the most common complaints, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy for about 80 percent. According to the results of a recent published study medications used to relieve stomach problems may increase the risk of asthma in children.
The study, published in Pediatrics, collected the results of eight previous studies and analyzed data from nearly 1.6 million contributors. It has been found that those who regularly take anti-stomach drugs have a 45 percent greater chance of having asthma than those who have not taken such drugs at all. Stomach most commonly involves drugs belonging to the group of proton pump inhibitors and histamine-2 receptor antagonists, and both have increased risk.
Because pregnant women are forbidden to perform any controlled experimentation, we do not know exactly what is the relationship between drugs and lower asthma: stomach itself increases the risk of the problem.Talk to your doctor about your medicine!
"Although our results are a lot of uncertainty for pregnant women It is worth taking care of these drugsand other methods to give priority to gastric alleviation, "said Dr. Huahao Shen, the lead author of the research. smoking during pregnancy, passive smoking (which affects a mother or baby), weight loss and stress during pregnancy.

What can you eat, drink against stomach, if you do not want to take medication?

  • Gum is one of the most popular anti-stomach and anti-nausea medications for pregnant women, you can drink it in the form of tea, or suck on gummy candy or lollipop.
  • Many people swear by peppermint treatment to relieve stomach upset.
  • You can try milk, yogurt or kefir, which can instantly relieve your stomach.
  • Natural enzymes-rich fruits, such as pineapple, avocado or banana, can improve digestion.
  • Lemon or apple vinegar water can also relieve your stomach symptoms.
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