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Breastfeeding was allowed and the mother was excluded

Breastfeeding was allowed and the mother was excluded

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"This is not an accepted activity here". With these words, the security guard distracted the mother of a sick baby from McDonald's Restaurant in the West Bank.

The mother asked one of the workers for permission before breastfeeding her baby. After receiving a satisfactory answer upon his request, he marched to one of the corners and contributed to the feeding of his child. Within moments, however, the security guard stepped in and called him. The mother referred to the fact that one of the restaurant workers was "complimented" on it. However, the security team said the restaurant manager had to bring the matter to the front. He returned shortly after "this is not an accepted activity" and exposed the abused mother with her child. The woman complained to the management, but had not received a response.

Breastfeeding should be a natural thing to finish

In recent times, Bishop Francis said twice about breastfeeding in public. Last February, during his baptismal mission at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, he told present mothers to breastfeed their children if they were hungry and sick. Of course, we don't have to run to Rome immediately if we need directions in the topic. The domestic legal environment is also clear in that no one should be discriminated against because of his or her discriminatory maternity or his or her maternity-related situation. The present case raises suspicions of both direct discrimination and harassment.
Breastfeeding in the public arouse a great deal of excitement, and there have been many public debates about it. You have thought that while society is completely accepted to advertise the most diverse consumer products with naked women, and there is a daily newspaper that does not have to publish on the title page, is "fooling the fuse".
It's hard to shake the view that a breastfeeding mother is right at home, across the wall, and if you want to move out somewhere, you may have to breastfeed or eat the formula. In addition, if we get hungry every time we get a bite, it is hard to accept that a baby would be entitled to the same. Although there are very few public places where babies are expected to breastfeed with a nursing room, a dedicated space for breastfeeding, even if one agrees that women should breastfeed wherever they say, don't disturb the "bodybuilders" circle.
We are also eagerly awaiting the restaurant's comment, reviewing their point of view that everyone can eat, except the one who would have the baby next door. Protesters are organizing a flashmob in West Tire on May 22 at 11am. You can find information about the event on FB.