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The imprisonment of captivity in the eyes of a mother

The imprisonment of captivity in the eyes of a mother

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Parents are sometimes able to blame the dentition. Is the baby creepy? You must be - say. But what's even more annoying is that each of your nostrils can blame the tooth.

Cutting is a long process

I was also prone to this in my first childhood parent. When my baby was 2 months old, the rabbit started flowing really hard. On the other hand, I thought about starting a dentist and buying all the homeopathic remedies and gels and dentifrices I found in the store. Of course, it turned out that there was nothing like that. He was almost 8 months old when his first tooth came out. I was sure the tooth was going to run out of his nose, so I took it to the playground, where he was collecting more sickness. I was a new mom, I'm sorry, but it's a bad feeling to have lost so much. Prepare yourself for the little one. You feel bad about yourself. But your parents want you to sleep, sleep, smile like you used to. Of course, you get upset when your parents leave the room and they don't understand what's wrong with what you want, because they don't speak your language. You experience the pain. He may have just curled his hair tightly with one hair, but it was burning like the fire of hell. But then, after all, your Sherlock Holmes mom is wondering what the problem is, solves the problem, and again the world is fine. Well, yes, parents often make sure that the child is catching on. But the tooth is really hairy. Most parents consider dentistry one of the worst memories of parenting. Imagine this too. Something happens in my mouth. Your baby gets inflamed, and hard, white, weird things are finding their way into it. There is one that is sharp. Hell. That's how you feel, your head is cool. And then, oh, those crappy little teeth slowly but surely move forward, press themselves, make holes in them, and then push themselves forward again. You'd rather ask, in fact, yell, "Mom, what the hell is that? I don't want that!" But there are babies that aren't worn. They whine at Ural, and the tooth is out there. That's all. But I'm sure they are rare exceptions. Unfortunately for most babies terribly head of toothache.When my first child had two upper teeth, we were on vacation. Of course, a vacancy is never a real vacancy when you have a child, but that two hours kept us awake all night long. He had a rise in heat, like an arrow from his mouth, like a hot lava from a volcano, waving his arms, screaming all night. She has fingers pressed against her.I'm a couple of my breastfeeding experiences. I breastfed all of my children for a long time, never having a problem with breastfeeding, except of course the first few times. The only time I have my nipple hurt, that was the time of the capture. They both bitten me. My second child is many times over. Whoever bought it knows what kind of pain it is. I don't want anyone. Well, my first child's teeth have finally come out. Then she was a happy baby again. But then a month or two passed and began the hellish period. He was two and a half years old, and by the time he had all 20 teeth he suffered from the first to the last. When he was a little kid, a he could tell in his own words, how painful it is for him. His last tooth erupted in six months. It was easy for roula to say, "it's like somebody scouring my stuff." Yes, the grip is so painful. I thought he could have told me what he was feeling before. I always wondered if his tooth was a problem, and a couple of days later a white tooth came out. The compassionate mother says to me, I don't know why your god planned it. What if the baby was born with a full tooth? Captivity is one of the greatest cruelty to children and, of course, to their parents. Babies forget the pain caused by the tooth. But we, parents, never. Never. And neither is our breasts. The source of the article is here.