The most common parenting fears

The most common parenting fears

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Birth-related fears are common among pregnant women who are pregnant. However, birth is a natural, normal process. What are we afraid of for our baby?


THE gбtmetszйs means the incision between the sleeve and the end. Nowadays, fewer and fewer people use this intervention during childbirth. Generally, it occurs when a pregnant mother is exhausted or the vagina is too tight for the baby to conceive. If the barrier is inadequate, the baby may break the tissue. A fractured wound heals more painfully and longer than a healed wound. In other cases, it is possible to speak with your doctor or nurse in advance to be more concerned with breast protection. There are nowadays techniques that can be used to prepare a barrier for birth.

We lose our baby in the midst of birth

The fear of losing a baby is something every pregnant woman can remember at least once during her pregnancy. This is a completely normal reaction to an event that we cannot fully control. By addressing this issue in a healthy way, we can be prepared for some unexpected things to a certain extent. On the other hand, if this is the only thing that comes to our minds, we will become stressful, which our baby will feel. If necessary, consult a psychotherapist to help you dissolve unreasonable fears. There is minimal concern in a completely natural blessed state, but do not think of them as warnings. In Hungary, the infant mortality rate per thousand live babies in 2013 was a total of 5.1 thousand, which is very good according to the data before the turn of the millennium.

Unintentional parenting

It is quite normal and commonplace for a baby to know that during the mid-term push, when all our strength is released, it is not the baby's head that comes first, faeces or urine are missing. Believe me, this is just physiology. No one will be surprised or embarrassed by us, they will respond professionally to the events. If you really want to avoid it, in consultation with our parents, let's go to the beginning of the push section.


It is very important that you keep in touch with your obstetrician or your chosen nurse throughout your pregnancy. They will do the rest of the pregnancy and, if necessary, suggest a cesarean section or tell you what you need to do to avoid intervention. For a second, let's not lose our self-confidence that we can do natural birth to the end. However, if your own or your baby's health is in need, you will now have a quick and up-to-date cesarean section, after which you will only have a short flush.

Fetus in fetal water

The first fetus in the fetus is meconium. Fхkйnt tъlhordбskor the fetus can inject meconium into the amniotic fluid, which can be a source of danger for the baby. If we come to exams on a regular basis, experts will notice the signs in time.

Parental concerns need to be talked about

A string around a baby's neck

Most babies loosely wrap the cord around themselves, which is rarely a problem. If the baby is wrapped too tightly, the baby will be restless, with signs easily detected by professionals. Depending on the severity of the situation, you and your doctor may decide how you will respond to this situation.


In most cases, premature birth can be prevented by proper examinations and regular consultation with our physician. However, there may be events during pregnancy that may preclude premature birth, which include, but are not limited to, infections in the body and kidney problems.
If you have any health problems during your pregnancy, you should contact your doctor immediately. If we get the right treatment in time, premature birth can be prevented. We trust the professionals, the equipment of our hospitals, if your baby will be born sooner or later.

What should happen in an unexpected event?

If you're concerned about this issue, read the literature on pregnancy and how to deal with any complications. For all inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact your local competent health care professional, hospice or doctor. It is important that we trust the expertise of those who are carrying our burden. If we have a close and honest relationship with us, we will be confident even if events that are related to our pregnancy are unexpectedly unexpected.

We don't get to the court in time

When you arrive with your first baby, you are almost unlikely to be sent to the hospital unless you enter the institution by your own decision. Later pregnancies can make it easier for you to have a baby faster than you think, but these cases are usually uncomplicated. If everyone is calm, everything will be fine. There are plenty of books and websites dealing with home or out-of-home childbirth, and we should be well prepared. Of course, after childbirth, we definitely need specialized care.
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