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The simpler version of napkin technology, even for small ones, is good for refinement, it improves the focus and color.

Collect the remaining Christmas wrapping paper, colored napkins. Let's look for some nice motifs. Cut or patch the baby, then glue them on a white board with glue stick, then cover with glue. So you can make a whole set of dolls for your baby sleeper. Brush the glue lacquer over a white plastic board with a piece of colored paper or a napkin and re-glue the glue. After drying, it can be a dollhouse dinette.
Find your baby the same kind of blankets, motifs from papers. Cut or patch them, stick them with glue stick to about 6 x 6 cm cartons, and finally lubricate them with a layer of glue. My own memory games are reminiscent of Christmas.


Stick a large piece of embossed pattern on a sheet of paper in the shape of a sheet, so that the tray has a wide frame, and then lubricate or brush it with some glue. Let's tie a little string for hanging it: make a picture for the room wall or give it to Grandma.
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