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Does the child's performance deteriorate? That may be the reason

Does the child's performance deteriorate? That may be the reason

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Thyroid disorders produce a wide variety of symptoms and often have tiny warning signs that you can easily skip them.

Does the child's performance deteriorate? That may be the reason

For example, a child's performance in school may be impaired, sometimes resulting in hypothyroidism. What symptoms are worth looking out for and what you can do about it, arrуl dr. Tar Attilбt, the Buda Endocrine Center was asked about a child's endocrinology.

Thyroid problems in childhood

Thyroid problems are considered to be a very common disease in adults, but most children with endocrinological expertise also suffer from organ failure. Although rare, thyroid hyperactivity may occur, but members of the younger age group are typically suppressed by decreased hormone production, which can be congenital and acquired. In the former case, the child is diagnosed with the disease at a very early stage of life (neonatal screening), although the acquired thyroid gland usually has light in adolescence. it has a negative effect on the entire organ system, so it is important to start the therapy as early as possible, especially in infancy. After all, thyroid hormones are deficient in infants due to normal growth and development may slow downas well as menthol retardation Luckily diagnosed with thyroid disorder in school age, fortunately, it has no similar consequences, but it also causes infertility and other health problems.

When Do You Suspect Thyroid Failure in Your Child?

Frequent skin loss, growth and slowing of weight gain in infancy and toddlerhood are all indications of hyperthyroidism. Later, members of the adolescent age group may be made aware of increased underweight, deprivation, depression, hair loss, and impaired school performance. Unfortunately, hormonal changes that can be considered normal during puberty can also cause similar symptoms, so the problem may remain largely hidden, says dr. Attila Tar, a child endocrinologist at the Endocrine Center in Buda, who added that later menstrual disorders in the body may indicate thyroid problems. The goiter is often visible to the naked eye as well as palpable, and in the background is usually jodiacal.

Measurement of TSH values ​​is not enough

Thyroid function is primarily a measure of the level of TSH (pituitary hormone that regulates thyroid hormone production), but it is necessary for the diagnosis of thyroid gland, -TPO, anti-Tg) levels. This can be supplemented by ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland, on the recommendation of an endocrinologist. In most cases of childhood thyroid failure, lifelong hormone depletion is required.