Causes and treatment of stomach

Causes and treatment of stomach

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In everyday practice, it is called stomach upset when we eat a lot and our stomachs stop.


In the real world, however, the physician has to think of this much more when a child with an abdominal disorder appears on Christmas Day. It's simple gyomorrontбs besides, holiday feasts occur more frequently gastritis-fertхzйs, allergy йs milk sugar tenderness is.Rйgmъlt idхktхl from kьlцnbцzх ьnnepeket or bцjti idхszakot kцvetх lakomбk frequency velejбrуja was gyomorrontбs when tцbbfogбsos, zsнros, nehйz йtkektхl the legtцbb vendйgnek megfбjdult the belly and the megszokottуl eltйrх irбnyba, visszafelй бramlottak the finomsбgok, i.e. hбnytak.A hasfбjбs the reason is that the higher the amount of food that enters the stomach and intestines, causing painful sensation. Suddenly, more abundant dietary stomachs enter the stomach, causing so much tension and pain that the body is only able to calm down.

Avoid Christmas Belly Stomach, Pay Attention to What Kids Eat

It is well-known that in the ancient Roman feasts, after the ounce, the pharynx was stimulated with a feather pen, so they were puked. They were able to complete their Lucullus banquet without stomach upset. If the stomach passes into the small intestine, a greater amount of diets, tension, stomach, diarrhea may develop.


Gastric disruption is decisively distinguished by the fact that the former is the cause of the excessive amount of food that is suddenly stomached, and the food that is ingested causes inflammation in the stomach. Accordingly, it may cause gastritis food contaminated by bacteria or virus, or even stingy, spicy diets. Hopefully, due to stricter controls, we do not need to be afraid in the future to buy potentially infected goods in different supermarkets.In Karlsruhe In general, different types of virus-infected foods cause gastro-enteritis, as opposed to similar summer diseases, when in the high heat, the bacterium called salmonella can proliferate in ice cream, sour cream, or milk. Fortunately, at Christmas, we only encounter terrible, small-group illnesses, barely any more than in other months of the year.

How to cure the little patient?

The best remedy is preventionthat is, don't suddenly have more food! It is easy to say or describe it, of course, but it is difficult to resist the festive delicacies. The other side of the sweet is that fruits, salads, carbohydrate-rich foods leave the stomach less easily, so they don't cause stomach upset, stomach upset. In contrast, fried, fatty, "Hungarian dishes", traditional Christmas dishes, such as sour cream and cabbage, should leave your stomach very slowly. In the case of gastritis, a herbal tea or a prescription without a prescription can be useful in treating gastritis. Venter or Ulcogant. The latter, due to their content of sucralfate / aluzulin, cover the mucous membrane of the mucosa, reduce inflammation.The strictly required long-term diet is usually not necessary. Fatty, spicy, high-acid foods should be avoided, but antibiotics are usually not needed. If you do not develop diarrhea, then simple stomach inflammation, stomach upset in one to two days. Helicobacter pylori bacterial inflammation, which can also cause ulcers outside the stomach. This bacterium has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for its discovery Marshall йs Warren. Helicobacter pylori infection can be detected easily and painlessly with a spike test (UBT test). In addition to reducing the production of acid in the stomach, antibiotics are also used to treat the infection.


At Christmas, I see myself more often in bed, ordering a child who has something Symptoms caused by food allergy (eczema, diarrhea, stomach). This is not surprising, since the majority of housewives, mothers and sisters for the holidays have something special to please the family. In this case a child talбlkozhat your first time-mбsodszor rбksalбtбval, salmon, kьlцnbцzх halfйlesйgekkel, korбbban mйg not consumed йtelekkel exotic gyьmцlcsцkkel.Gyakran karбcsonykor occurs your first time the oilseeds, diуra, mogyorуra fцllйpх allergy characteristic of diуsbeigli elfogyasztбsa utбn jelentkezх allergiбs reakciу. Also known as oral allergy is the so-called oral allergy syndrome, in which the food that causes the allergy causes an allergic reaction when it enters the oral cavity: it is an exfoliation of the mouth, itching in the mouth, tongue.
The key to figuring out what factors are different from allergies is that the shorter the time between the food that causes the allergy and the onset of the symptom, the easier it is. This can be just a few minutes, but sometimes it can take several days for complaints to appear. In these cases it is very difficult to find the chosen cause. In this case, the doctor uses a symptom therapy, which means that the patient is given drugs that reduce the body's allergic reaction.


Do not mix milk sugar (lactose) intolerance with milk whites allergy. Symptoms may be similar (abdominal discomfort, flatulence, diarrhea), but in the latter case there is an immune reaction, often exudation and eczema on the skin. In contrast, milk sugar is sensitive to laktбz This enzyme is due to reduced function. In this case, the lactose (lactose) cannot be broken down and absorbed in the small animal, resulting in reduced lactase activity. This way, the milk sugar gets into the colon, stiffens, gasses are formed and atypical symptoms develop. lactose intolerance Hydrogen head test (lactose H2 test). It is important to know that not only the lactose-free diet is the solution, but also the lack of an enzyme that is lacking. Lactated Lactated Tablets should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before a milk meal, and the enzyme content of a tablet can break down the lactose in two deci milk. I also encounter lactose intolerance more often in Christmas, as milky meals are also consumed more.

Our specialist's own experience

It is a common practice in our clinic that on December 24th, Christmas Eve is a day for pediatric doctors, while others are on their first and second holidays. In my early years I was in the first group, these were the quietest walks of my life, with just one or two children coming to the clinic. In recent years I have Christmas for the first or second holiday, and then the situation is completely different, little patients are coming all the time, with a significant percentage of stomach upset, stomach upset, and allergies. It is not only the diseases presented in my heart that are most often encountered in patients with malnutrition. It is typical of a diabetic child to eat junk food, which has the consequence of high blood sugar. Last year's story: On the first holiday in Christmas, high-sugar-starred Barbara looked at me with big brown eyes: "Doctor Uncle, Jesus allowed me to eat three slices of cake!". Well, if you allowed me to do nothing ...
Specialist: Dr. Gorbbor Veres pediatrician, gastroenterologist


Sensitive stomachs make it easy to get sick while traveling, or if you get to know someone new, they may get bored. Vomiting may also be a symptom of a viral disease or a stomach upset or possibly a sign of blindness. If the child is not used to vomiting, it is almost certain that there is a disease in the back. Often, the mother of the whores will soon gain sufficient experience to deal with the severity of the case. Observe the typical situations, the exceptional causes.If you tend to feel unwell in a car, amusement park, carriage rides, higher rates, avoid stronger stimuli that affect the balance system. If you give your child what he or she has eaten during or after meals, pay attention to the relaxed eating conditions. The sensitive stomach jumps to loud music, collapses into a loud filter, stops digestion when a bad mood prevails in the family. Hurriedly stuffed, stuffed meals lie on the stomach. The circuses outside of the meals are evidently vomiting. The forcibly bitten bites they do not benefit the child, it is better not to overload the digestive system. New foods may not always control the little one, but when you eat it, it's just disgusting - especially true for the exciting seafood or the strong taste and smell of cheeses. The evх lбtszуlag jу йtvбggyal megundorodhat a child is falattуl йtkezйs kцzben, the vбratlan csengetйstхl цsszerбndulhat the stomach, the sudden kitцrх csalбdi perpatvartуl.A hбnyуs child is always a little tegyьnk tбnyйrjбra, fхzzьnk egйszsйges, kнmйlх йteleket, йs allowed to slowly savor. Let us not make unpleasant comments, scare us, and prepare for anticipated events in time. Keep nylon bags, wet towels and fresh water in the car. Keep the small plastic bucket in the apartment close by. Flush the child's mouth after the pain. Although uncomfortable, let's see what the child went through, and we can infer a possible illness. If, for example, the remains of previous meals can be discovered, we must suspect that the digestion has stopped sooner. It is also common to notice vomiting when successive repetitions of vomiting, non-abdominal stomach, fever, occur. It is not only about the usual malaise.


A baby often has a stomachache when he is suffering from sin, but with starvation, bloating, he can cause spasms, and even with inflammation of the eye or other illness. With Nomi's practice, it is easy to find out that you have a medical case or a temporary discomfort, as the latter pass from the comfort of your mother. Weakness, rupture, too, a appropriate technique and it really solves the beets.- With our pointing, middle and ring finger, starting from the lower right side of the abdomen, let us make a quarter-circle to the same direction as the left-handed one, so that the left abdomen. This massaging stimulates the bowel blood flow and the transmission of the stool.- Place our palms on the skins of the senders and gently fabricate the middle part of the abdomen. This movement enhances the blood supply and activity of the small. Let us all palm to the side of the abdomen at a tibial height. Vibrate with a relaxed rhythmic motion for three to five minutes. Gently press the section under the rib, right or left, with your fingers pressed. They stimulate the work of the bile, the gall and the liver. Massage should always be done with warm hands, gently and smoothly. Afterwards, wrap the tummy in a comfortable, soft blanket. Do not continue to massage if the child does not feel comfortable and see a doctor if the stomach does not disappear, as well as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea.

Let's water the card!

A bacterial or viral infection of the vagina may, less often, be a sign of stomach upset. The disease is usually feverish and impotent. Do not force the meal, the body focuses on combating goiters and therefore the digestion slows down. However, it is very important to buy the liquid! Many parents think that anyway, the kid will lose the fluid, it is unnecessary to drink. The average daily fluid intake for a healthy child is one liter between the ages of one and two. Losing fluid due to vomiting can quickly become dangerous. The smaller the baby, the greater the risk of leaching. Warning signs: fallen eyes, sunken well, uninterested, motionless. If you experience any of these, consult a doctor immediately. Dehydration is the most common reason to bring small children to hospital.

What to drink?

- Boiled, cooled water is inadequate in this case because of the loss of nutrients and sugar. Milk is not a good drink for fat children.
- Extract and chamomile tea have a gastric soothing effect. Add one teaspoonful of sugar to one deciliter. If the child is not willing to accept it, let him bless what he loves.
- It is made from powdered Normolite available in the pharmacy, unfortunately it is not too tasty to drink the lost weight.
- You can try fruit juices, especially apple juice, even small ones will accept it. We need to dictate about 50-100 grams of liquid to a little patient, but not at the same time. Five or ten minutes after the last vomiting, you can add two teaspoons of tea, and then five or ten minutes later with two or two teaspoons of tea. If you do not vomit, you can increase the dose slowly. Breastfeeding children are now (also) in a better position to breastfeed, as breastfeeding can continue to suit their needs. You may only accept breast milk until full healing, but this is no problem, hastening healing.
Specialist: Dr. Etelka Korausz pediatrician

Salmonella fertхzйs

In high heat a salmonella The bacterium called "Bacteria" multiplies less easily and is an exceptional medium in improperly prepared ice cream or fruit soup. Certainly many still remember when, years ago, thousands of people were affected by a salmonella-infected strawberry broth. But, for example, we can mention the overdose that occurred in Pécs. At this time, the egg sandwich was characterized by the rapid proliferation of bacteria in the heat. More than half of the salmonella standards are caused by poultry and their related foods (primarily eggs). Raw or semi-cooked egg dishes are of great importance in terms of infection - such as Caesar salad, bread rolled in egg, lard egg, raw fruit mixed with whipped egg white. To avoid salmonella contamination, observe proper regulations. Always wash eggs in dishwashing water before processing! Care should be taken to carefully cool and store the products. Foods stored at room temperature increase the number of bacteria very quickly. Home-made jewelery often delivers salmonella to the skin when it is handled, and careful washing is particularly important.

Symptoms of salmonella

How can we differentiate salmonella diarrhea from the more common, less problematic, viral bladderworm (which we typically "collect" in the polluted waters of beaches and lakes)? This is not an easy task as both can be associated with diarrhea, vomiting, and more severe abdominal pain. Sudden onset of high fever and thicker stomach are more common in salmonella-induced nutrition. Of course, when we know that eating an infectious food is the cause of the disease, the diagnosis is easier. We have already put on the infections… Our body is struggling with salmonellosis without drug treatment. Within one to two weeks, healing occurs and there is no need for an antibiotic because it can expel her own intestinal fluoride - which can lead to the patient becoming infected with long-term salmonella, which can lead to her cancer becoming infected within weeks. However, antibiotics are unavoidable in infants less than six months of age, and in formula-fed infants.

When should we perform a proficiency test?

In cases of diarrhea, a bacterial examination of a specimen. However, if all babies with diarrhea were to be reported, labor would not win the labs. When is it justified? Йtelmйrgezйsre, pйldбul szalmonellafertхzйsre utalу tьneteknйl kцtelezх not only szйklet, but gyanъs йtel vizsgбlata is.Valamint when the szйklet vйres or nyбkos (this is very rare manapsбg suggest you have already vйrhasfertхzйsre) tovбbbб if the hнg szйkletьrнtйshez high lбz йs violent, gцrcsцs hasfбjбs too. If the child has been confirmed to be infected with salmonella, then the fecal examination should be repeated to determine if any detectable levels of salmonella have disappeared. Three consecutive negative exams are needed to get the child together again.

Beaches, pond infestations

Another reason for the frequent cold sores in the summer is that viruses and bacteria proliferate in the waters of the beaches and lakes. If a toddler swallows several times in the water, the symptoms of the disease appear after a few tears. The more or less improved water quality of our lakes, the swirling and regular inspection of the swimming pool waters does not provide such a level of cleanliness that we can leave the beach with a quiet, calm heart. The latency time is similar to salmonella infection, usually 6-72 hours. That is, the effect of pre-infestation in dullet is already there with the "result": diarrhea, with or without fever. Occasionally, skin infection is associated with infection, but this is not a typical symptom. The doctor is usually guided to the correct diagnosis by the "history of bathing". Often campilobacter infection cause complaints. It also spontaneously heals over three days if it is properly refilled. In this case, the toddler is basically okay, the only complaint is diarrhea.

Blood or sunburn?

Laura is three years old, coming straight from the beach, a whole family bathed in a neighborhood neighborhood in Budapest. The baby has a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius, twice enough to be sure he has collected some infections in the water - I think first. However, he has no diarrhea, his stomach is not depressing, but rather head to head. The baby's head is cancerous, and the parents admit he played more ubiquitous to the south on the beach. This is not a cold sores, but a sunburn ... Careful watering and flushing of the cure.

The main danger is dehydration

The smaller the child affected by diarrhea and vomiting, the more dangerous it may be to expel fluid to the extent of fluid loss. If we are unable to provide fluids by mouth, an infusion is required.Signs of outburst
- Undergrowth, insensitivity
- feeble shit
- the skin feels inelastic, dry to the touch
- mouth and eyebrow, scarcely lightly produced
- Up to two daily pee diapers, thick urine
- Feel two things are particularly important when it comes to treating cold sores. It is forbidden to give a baby a medicine that will punish the movement of the mind (these are the so-called pincers). Diarrhea is really eliminated, but the mucous membrane full of rodents stays in the gut and can get into the body from there and cause a serious condition. There is no need for a strict diet like the one suggested earlier: after fasting, you can only have pancakes, tea, and potatoes cooked in water, and the patient may be given more than just a few days. Foods that you want, like yogurt, kefir, cereals, soup, possibly lean meats, mashed potatoes, steamed greens with cheese and compote. Whole milk should be avoided and curdy, spicy foods should not be given, but in the case of acutely ill children, these should be seriously harmed by diarrhea or antibiotics. or pharmacy reimbursements, such as Lactobact, Protexin segнtsйgйvel. These should be discussed with your pediatrician. In nursing children, the blueprint is usually self-repairing.

I have diarrhea

The two-year-old Christopher was brought for examination by his parents because his diarrhea had lasted for three weeks. We performed a negative test, so we could rule out a rotten infection. It turned out that three weeks ago, the boy had vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and had a baby boy. This disease can lead to damage to the intestinal mucosa, which prevents diets from properly absorbing, causing chronic diarrhea. In such cases, the natural flora needs to be restored and the stool is reorganized after one to two weeks.

What to drink?

Very severe in cases of vomiting and diarrhea frequent watering is necessary, but at the same time give only a very small amount of liquid, for example, a few teaspoons of milk. You can get the next dose in ten minutes. If you are losing weight and have only diarrhea in your child, you can increase the amount of fluid you consume at the same time. Also effective in prescription diarrhea and vomiting special rehydrбlу, i.e., a liquid maintainer powder which, due to its ionic and sugar composition, provides adequate fluid and nutrient replenishment. In case of an emergency we can make a similar drink at home: dissolve in half a liter of boiled water, then a quarter of a teaspoonful of cold water and a pinch of teaspoonfuls of sugar. If this liquid is not accepted by the child, we may try mildly sugary tea or iced fruit juice. However, do not add more than one decine of fruit per day, as consumed fruit juice can cause diarrhea due to the fructose effect of fructose. Unfortunately, we have been dealing with fruit-related diarrhea all year long, but it is very common in the summer months to choose sweet food instead of small food. Pure water is still the best solution for thirst! Diarrhea can help with healing without a prescription Smecta porwhich has to be dissolved in a liquid. The agent filmically covers the mucous membrane of the mucosa. In case of high fever, the fever attenuator should not be forgotten. In the case of vomiting and cold sores, natural antipyretic methods, such as cold baths, watermelon shampoo, are of particular importance, as it may not even be necessary to use the syrup.


Among the common diseases acquired by diarrhea, rotavнrus Caused by Crohn's in the first place. The initial mild appearance will soon be followed by vomiting, followed by lower abdominal pain and diarrhea. The very faint, watery stool is very thick with a characteristic odor. Rotavirus is highly infectious, with a few infections that can cause disease, and children also infect each other within a short period of time. Hand infected with fetuses can also be a source of infection. Accordingly, one of the methods of prevention is careful washing and breast milk. Due to the special protective factors present in breast milk, infants who are breastfed have a greater chance of protection than this virus.They may also be interested in:
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