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Language teacher or Pepa pig?

Language teacher or Pepa pig?

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Knowledge of a foreign language is essential in today's world. But what's right? Do you want your child to make friends with English at your own pace, or do you enroll in a language course three months earlier?

Anett (32), PR Manager

We have no parents, we also see tales on the Internet. Once, YouTube offered Matt an English video, ruppcant. Then he began to use words that we didn't understand first, finally figuring out that he was repeating the English phrases he heard in the videos. For the time being, I think the video would be quite enough, and it would not miss anything. Mйg it is unnecessary to be burdened with grammar, we can expect six to six years of age to have a basic understanding of the Hungarian language. He also likes the songs and the sayings, and you can dislike them on YouTube, you don't have to English course jбrnia. He also said that he would rather learn from Musk on the video.
I am afraid if the teacher is not English native speaker or has a weak pronunciation, the child has poorly spoken words. That's it English fairy tale characters, for example, the Pepa pig has a very nice pronunciation. It is against the technician that he was very attentive at first, but since joining the group he jumps with the other kids, sometimes they have to be taken off the wall.
The English club we see it as a weekly program, giving him the opportunity to become acquainted with a foreign language and culture. There is a summer break, and in September we will see if he wants to speak English. We'd be better off trying to fall for him instead. On weekends we come to the swimming pool with my family, Matthew loves the water. The others bring a flutter to the ovary, carrying a Katinka Long Laminate photo of themselves.

Language teacher or Pepa pig?

Tamбs (34), software developer

Máté demanded English videos by himself, I thought we would ride this, look for an english teacher, today, one or more foreign languages ​​are essential. The problem with YouTube is that Ms. watches the videos completely. I'd be embarrassed to make him a movie of his level if he says he wants the princess part. Nor does he let me talk to him in the middle.
We come to the club one year and have a good result, the kid knows the numbers, the colors, the songs, it gives him success. And I don't expect you to start talking all the time, because it is useful if your little brain is focused on English and he learns more easily. It is not your goal to have a language examination at the convention level at the age of fourteen, but it is important to love English. Its glow is also abundant, for example, Easter is celebrated with songs, drawing, and egg searching.
At the club they make learning move, which is much more effective than if Matthew was alone and trembling. Sure, the kids are excited there, but it's a peculiar age, and I'm thrilled when the profession says its name at the beginning and plays a plush while others introduce themselves. In addition, gamers keep an eye on who usually improves one another.
There is no force in English, even small, but it sure sticks to some of Mary's lessons. I heard from several colleagues that it was with their school children they sit down to speak English, and a two year younger brother is smoother than a bigger brother. Because for him, even his sponge absorbs information.