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Playground Games Can Be Dangerous!

Playground Games Can Be Dangerous!

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After the outdoor jockeys, the National Consumer Authority (NFH) will oversee the jockeys of the capital's high schools in the coming weeks. With!

Today, we have serious requirements
match all playground games

The purpose of the authority is to make sure that outdoor games, ancillary equipment found in schools are compliant with standards and other safety requirements; it also assesses the condition of the devices.
In case of any deficiencies experienced, the staff of the efficiency department will call the attention of the institution to their remedy. In addition, the survey will pay special attention to the documentation required for such tools, the NFH said.

Half of the publicity tools have failed

The authority has recently completed an audit of playground equipment in stores. Effectively, 58 commercial units have checked 2247 gaming devices and raised objections in 389 cases.
There were a total of 333 public domain owned and operated playgrounds in the vicinity of the number of installed gaming devices and their operators. More than two thousand installed devices revealed some deficiencies in the middle, usually the certificate of adequacy, the maintenance and inspection plan, and the lack of inspection and inspection.Baby Room: Read the touch play chart and ask your opinion at [email protected]!