Father's Age and Lifestyle Affect Baby's Health

Father's Age and Lifestyle Affect Baby's Health

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According to researchers, alcohol consumption and environmental factors can play a role in generations as well.

According to a recent study published in American Jurnal, they all have parental influence over a child's lower health status. We also knew that the nutritional habits and hormonal status of the mother, as well as the physiological environment, largely determine the genetic and cellular status of the offspring, ”says Joanna Kitlinska, a researcher at the research. Their ages and lifestyles all shape the genetics of the unborn child at the cellular level. As a result, it affects not only the genes of the direct but the generations that follow it.It happened that a newborn was diagnosed with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, so that the mother never drank any alcohol before. 75% of children born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder have dad-related alcohol-related problems, and this has a negative can also be associated with the development of schizophrenia, autism, and birth defects. However, if the father, while dieting, is aware of the risk of cardiovascular death in the newborn child (and in the case of smaller grandchildren) the gyermekeknйl kцnnyebben develop the cukorbetegsйg the elhнzбs or akбr brain tumor is.Ha daddy large mйrtйkы pszichoszociбlis stress is kitйve is the utуdok hibбs viselkedйsi jellegeit segнthetik elх, talбlni koraszьlцtteket the alkoholproblйmбkkal kьszkцdх apukбk gyermekeinйl large szбmban, sъlyos gyengesйggel йs not megfelelх testsъllyal , brain-born utes.