This closes the well The process of sealing the well

This closes the well The process of sealing the well

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The well, the flesh lying between the skull bones of the baby. Its function is to provide the baby's head with elasticity. Over time, however, it is ossified.

The process of sealing the well

The closure of the ponds is very exciting and scary for many parents as well: the soft touch of the big puppy on the head can create an insecure feeling as the brain is underneath, but the skin is not strong wedding ribbon protects different effects. The brain is also protected by the cerebrospinal fluid, one of the roles of which is protection. elasticity.For baby's skull We distinguish a total of six wells, which, in addition to assisting in the formation of the skull during birth, are no less important. The baby's rapid growth can only be predicted this way. The wells they harden over timebut not at the same time.Of course, as most things about baby development, so do the sealing of the wells. In the case of mature neonates, the side wells were completely or almost completely closed. The puppy, which closes at two months in the third of the skull, while the large puppy, which is usually found in the third of the skull, lasts from about 7 to 18 months. The increase in cephalic volume is good if you keep track of it, and it will happen during your visits. the well should not be pressed or watered, in case of any accident, you should always consult a doctor even if the pothole bumps. If you find that the pothole sinks, you may have a baby out.Related articles in wells:
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