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Are not such fairy tales so good?

Are not such fairy tales so good?

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Children ages 4-6 gain more experience with books with human characters than with books about anthropomorphic (human-like) animals.

Researchers at the University of Toronto's Institute for Educational Studies (OISE) say their observers are noteworthy because much of the child's media - from books to movies to video games - is human-like.
However, many children are unable or unwilling to identify with these actors, and are less inclined to incorporate lessons and social messages into their daily lives.
"The results of the research show that children are more likely to apply knowledge from real-world experiences," he said. Dr. Patricia Ganea, Professor of Early Cognitive Development, head of research. "Цsszessйgйben the children store the moral aspects of the story more if the characters are human."

According to Ganea, the findings of the study also suggest that Books can have an immediate impact on children's social behavior.
"Books that children easily identify with can increase their ability to apply the lessons of history to their everyday lives," he said. "It is important for educators and parents to make informed choices as well, as the goal is currency knowledge and the teaching of good social behavior through stories and books."
Parents can play a particularly important role in the development of a child by explaining parts of the story and helping to draw a story and similarity between their own lives - Nicole Larsen, who worked with Gane on the research.
The study was published in Developmental Science.
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