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Fingertips for small and big dolls

Fingertips for small and big dolls

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In the first few months, the baby will discover his fingers, enjoy watching them and move them. The subsequent saying, calculating finger games are also based on these movements: we open and close our fingers.

"Thumbs up apple tree"

Language skills are closely related to fine motor activity and intelligence development. They stimulate more sensory development at the same time: stroking, tickling, tickling lбtбs, the hallбs And a tapintбs All of the sensory organs are bound together, and they are nested in the nerve endings in the brain.
It has been observed that, in speech development, small children with whom they regularly play finger games move forward about two months. There are a lot of nerve endings in the fingertips. When the warm hands of the parent and the small child, the fingers gently blend, energy flows, and the spiritual consonance of the two increases. Plus, since you don't need anything, having it in a doctor's or restaurant's office turns out to be a great fun.


  • My thumb was an apple tree, my index finger shook it, my middle finger picked it up, my ring finger took it home, my little finger ate it, and his belly faded.

  • It went hunting, it caught it, it took it home, it baked it, all these little tassels ate it. Wheels, hills, the rabbit ran to it.

  • I use it, cut it, goate it, cut it, give it a patch, kiss it - one with the fingers and one in the palm.

  • Where does Pakulbar live? Not here, one up? Does Pakulбr live here? No… We stroke our fingers in a row, starting from the little finger to the thumb: here. Do you have a dog? None? Then I'll go in! Hamm - we get the small closed bag.

  • Chip Chip, Blind Vampire, Comma Lady Chasing the Cart, I Can't Give It, Hinges, Hess, Hess, Hess ... - Bigger babies have to say, hug each other's head and move the sentence between them. At the end of the sentence, let go of each other's hands in hissing gestures.

  • My thumb woke up early, (open our thumbs), knocked on the door, (put our hands on the hips - the other fingers are still closed), so the siblings all jumped, (opened) day! (waving)

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