A mother ran a half marathon with a trolley stroller

A mother ran a half marathon with a trolley stroller

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Cynthia Arnold, 34, was a real bitch at the Missoula Marathon Women's Half Marathon. Cynthia Lauren Arnold scored 18 minutes earlier than her previous record.

A mother ran a half marathon with a stroller (fotу: runnersworld.com)In the July 15 event, Arnold not only finished 14th in the women's field but also finished third in his own age group, he also broke the previous record of triple twin strollers. Earlier this year, the record lady set a goal of 1: 47: 32, which Arnold batted for almost 20 minutes with a time of 1: 29: 08. However, the idea of ​​starting a half-marathon and setting a world record comes from your husband. "Come on and say, 'You should try and start and break the world record in the tricycle stroller category,'" Arnold told Runner's World. her boyfriend runs to work, and Cynthia runs her baby carriage (6, 3 years, and 11 months old) in a jogging stroller. Show your life example to your children. "This kind of life should not be sacrificed when a man has children. After all, let's just learn that this is normal and running is fun and good, "Arnold says. he had to fit in with his clothes and keep up with his pace goals. And if everyone has socks - passive or not - then happiness is a total.Arnold's other goal is to run, once they live in such a beautiful place (in Polson, 70 miles from Missoula), their kids will know minutes. "If you can succeed in cultivating a love of nature and want more pills chasing ngu or grasshoppers like watching tales on saturday all day in the room, it was worth it. "" The moment I knew I was breaking the record was very moving. Then I realized that being able to have all three of my kids in the stroller at the same time would probably not last long. "And how do the kids feel about being in the baby carriage at a speed of 6:48?
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