General rules for baby skin care

General rules for baby skin care

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Less, sometimes more! - This is the idea to be guided when you are looking for products for baby skin care. Take a look at the most important information!

General rules for baby skin care

It is so good to feel your newborn hand as you can hardly fill your body and soft skin with nothing like a baby scent.Remember! Most importantly, in the coming weeks and months, you should pay close attention to the physical and mental health of this delicate peak.

Protecting your skin is a daily task

Because the pH value of newborn skin is slightly higher, it is also thinner and softer than our skin, so sйrьlйkenyebb against external environmental influences. The weather, the products used for bathing and skin care, but the laundry detergents chosen for your clothes can also irritate the soft baby skin.

Take a bath!

In the first few weeks, it is especially important that you take care of your skin even more, but that does not mean that you have to buy a million baby cosmetics, creams or baths.This is also supported by 1-2 times a week recommends bathing only the 4-6 week peaks. The most suitable baths for bathing during this period (36-38 degrees) water and a soft turquoise, nothing else.For bathers in our country we recommend the so-called baby bath cream, but if you are averse to it, do not use soap or foam baths, because it can irritate our baby's skin. We prefer natural ingredients and pH-neutral formulations for our children that are specifically formulated for sensitive baby skin care.

Baby skin protection

An important rule of baby skin care is proper hydration of the whole body and protection of the buttocks. One of the characteristics of newborn skins is that they are very light in moisture and can be lost. Therefore, restoring baby skin moisture and fat content after every bath is a priority. To do this, your child's doctor may prescribe a so-called emollient remedy. Another priority area for skin care is the protection of the butt. Unfortunately, in wet, warm environments, skin contact with drought and urine can also cause diaper rash, which can cause unpleasant days for the baby.

But what can we do about it?

Buttocks with strong fragrances or alcohol have no place in baby care. If possible, clean the area under the diaper with lukewarm water and a soft cloth and apply a tiny pop of nappy after each diaper. Good buttershave cream is a thin barrier, but at the same time forms a breathable layer, prevents the skin and urine from scratching the sensitive skin and helps to regenerate it.

Wash smart!

It is also important to wash clothes and baby diapers that come in contact with baby skin. Wash baby clothes with a special detergent designed specifically for baby clothes. Do not rinse your newborn clothes as much as possible.Please be careful not to leave any laundry left on your tiny clothes as this may cause allergic reactions. To do this, select multiple rinses when programming your washing machine!
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