Prediabetes can be caused by maternal pregnancy diabetes in children

Prediabetes can be caused by maternal pregnancy diabetes in children

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There are several factors and risk factors that may contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes and your prediabetes, including but not limited to, but also the cause of, and the cause of, the problem.

Prediabetes can be caused by maternal pregnancy diabetes in children (photo: iStock)Because pregnancy diabetes greatly increases the risk of childhood (pre) diabetes. How this can be minimized is dr. We learned from Marietta Porochnavecz, Diabetes Center at Diabetes Center.

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Pregnant diabetes mellitus - gestational diabetes - is a relatively common condition. Its essence is that during pregnancy you are diagnosed with diabetes, which presents great risks to your baby and baby. Pregnant diabetes mellitus is compulsorily screened for pregnancy, which is a low-risk group of 24-28. however, it is very important that if you become pregnant with diabetes, treatment should be started as soon as possible because high blood sugar levels in the breast and the baby have a negative effect. The anyukбnбl since then lйp up toxйmia, fokozottб vбlnak kьlцnbцzх fertхzйsek, megnх the vetйlйs, halvaszьletйs йs koraszьlйs esйlye is.A tartуsan high vйrcukorszint the babбnбl szьlйsi komplikбciуkat high szьletйsi sъlyt йs the szьlйs utбn low vйrcukorszintet, hipoglikйmiбt okozhat.Sajnos the szьlйssel more esйllyel nobody can be overwhelmed by the fact that gestational diabetes still leaves a mark on them. The mother, despite the fact that carbohydrate metabolism occurs most often after childbirth, will be at an increased risk of diabetes in the latter. It has been observed that if the subject does not adhere to the recommended lifestyle advice, approximately 50% of the patients develop diabetes in the mother during the postpartum period. However, first after one year, then every 2 years, it is worthwhile to have an OGTT screened. It is very important to check not only your glucose level but also your insulin during the high blood glucose test as your insulin resistance may also shine (your child's blood glucose level will normally be within the range of your child's G). you should monitor your body weight and, if overweight occur, refer your child to an endocrine / diabetes specialist for laboratory testing for obesity. Blood glucose levels, blood pressure, lipid profile, kidney and liver function tests should be checked every year when you have a fever. It is recommended to carry out the above examinations in the case of severe obesity even at an early age! Porochnavecz Marietta, Diabetes Center for Diabetes.
However, in the case of divergences, treatment for both prediabetes and type 2 diabetes should be started immediately, which may include lifestyle therapy and / or medication.
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