Were you tired or growing up?

Were you tired or growing up?

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Type 2 diabetes often develops latent, although timely treatment can save a lifetime.

Permanent fatigue and increased sleep may be early symptoms of diabetes

Although many symptoms do not bring attention to the disease, there may be everyday complaints that should be taken seriously as they may be early symptoms of diabetes. What they are, those dr. Polyбk Annamabria, is listed by the Diabetes Center of the Buda Endocrine Center.


Increased blood volume and permanent fatigue may indicate a number of hormonal problems (such as thyroid disorder), it is not uncommon for diabetic patients to work.The intake of diets is converted into glucose by the body, which is essentially the fuel of the body. However, this process requires an adequate amount of insulin, so if it is not produced enough or if the cells are, for some reason, resistant to the hormone, glucose will not be able to reach the cells. Because in this case the organization not getting enough energy, chronic fatigue rises. The body senses that there is not enough blood sugar in the cells, so it responds to this problem with increased fluidity.

Thirst / increased urinary urgency

One of the most common symptoms of type 2 diabetes is increased thirst, including a lot of fluids consumptionwhich results in frequent urinary stimulation. On average, a healthy person flushes urine 4-7 times a day, but in the case of diabetes, the patient visits the auxiliary site many times more. Due to the accumulation of sugar in the blood, the kidneys react with increased urine output (danger of long-term serious kidney disease). Dehydration responds to increased thirst in the body, which triggers a vicious cycle of fluid intake and more frequent urination.

Dry lips and itchy skin

Due to high blood sugar, high amounts of sugar in the urine remove a lot of fluids from the body so that more urine can be excreted, the resulting dehydration affects the whole body. It is very common for patients' lips and skin to dry out, itching - says dr. Polyбk Annamabria, Diabetesologist of the Buda Endocrine Center.

Blurred vision

With vague vision, most people first look at trash, which is understandable, but it's worth noting that you may not have diabetes in the background. Because of the higher levels of glucose, at first, the lenses swell, which is results in a blurred vision. However, you are aware that if treatment begins early, your complaint will be closed. However, if the problem persists over an extended period of time, severe and persistent ophthalmologic disorders may develop due to damage to the eyeballs.Lower Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes
- Common fungal infections
- Hard healing wounds
- Pain in the limb, numbness
- Nerve damage
- Water problem
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