Mothers-in-law: So avoid your stressful screen

Mothers-in-law: So avoid your stressful screen

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The weekly mother-in-law makes the lives of many of us miserable, with an endless array of tasks 24 hours a day. Here are some super tips to successfully execute them!

Mothers-in-law: So avoid your stressful screen

Mom: The morning rush

Here's how: "The morning prayer for almost every little kid with a child is stressed out in Uri," he says. dr. Jennifer Jipson professor of psychology at Polytechnic State University in California. "Just do everything you can - from dressing up to dressing up everyday - last night. It can also help a lot to get up before children. drink it, "advises dr. Jipson. "Just think about how good it is to have a nice morning shower and a coffee for a good night's rest. It's important, though, that we try to get the kids ready for the morning and have them do their job. after breakfast, put on your socks, shoes alone. "

Mother: The child is misbehaving

Here's how:When Lynne Goldberg a school-age son of a meditation coach staged a scene in a science lab, knowing how to react properly. "I took a deep breath and asked my son what exactly he was doing and listened to it with complete calmness," he says. "When you are in a similar situation and you feel the pump go up inside you, just start slowing down your breathing, pay attention to your long and lively exasperation. my son is very curious and lustrous in nature. Wishing and understanding and discovering things are qualities that you can use to succeed in life. "

Mother's: To-do list is not the end

Here's how: Kara Carrero, a mother of three, had to realize quickly that she would not be able to do everything alone, so she had deliberately outsourced some of her tasks to give her more time. The price of the pâté paid to the feeder once a week is enough to allow the family to spend quality time together. His children also realized that too much noise and too little personal space would eventually make little or no difference. Therefore, when the stress level starts to rise, everyone grabs their head and retreats into their own little headphones with a headset.

Mom: Everybody's worried

Here's how: The key is to keep up with us. The two-child Alena Gerst for me, this means that when your 1 and 3 year olds go to bed, turn on your father and massage your back with two tennis balls lying on your yoga mat. In addition to having a date with her boyfriend once a month, Gerst also has a very kind, trustworthy girlfriend who she can call whenever she feels she is very overwhelmed. She also keeps in touch with her childless friends, as they can talk about things she's definitely not with mom's friends.

Mother-in-law: Welcome

Here's how: If the program is too much, it often goes backwards. Unbelievable adventures and occupations are not only unavoidable but also costly. "Every week there are two nights when there is no program after school, everyone just goes home. You can have dinner, talk to your family, and parents can play together with the kids," says dr. Jipson. "More, not necessarily better," he adds dr. Kennedy-Moore. "It's a little boredom for the kids. Let them do a cup, make a mistake, discover the world around themselves, and figure out what interests them."Related articles in Maternity:
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