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Our neighbors are born in the most low birth weight region in the US

Our neighbors are born in the most low birth weight region in the US

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Among the children born in 2015, one in seven newborns was born under 2,500 grams, 90 percent of them were born in low- or middle-income countries, an international research group reported.

The proportion of low birth weight children is the lowest in Sweden (2.4 percent) and highest in Bangladesh (27.8 percent). Worldwide, this rate is 14.6 percent, and the study shows a steady downward trend - in 2000, the rate was 17.5 percent. the thing. It is 6.5 percent in Austria, 5.1 percent in Croatia, 8.2 percent in Romania, or 4.5 percent in Serbia. Among the member states of the European Union, only Portugal (8.9 percent) and Bulgaria (9.6 percent) are ranked second on the list. Our neighbors are born in the most low birth weight region in the US Nearly two-thirds of low births are reported in two regions: South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
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  • domestic violence,
  • extra-marital pregnancy.
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