Too much sugar!

Too much sugar!

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The daily energy requirement for three-year-olds is around 1,100 calories. All of this could yield ten percent of your diet according to the principles of healthy nutrition, with 145 calories per day as the maximum daily fat, depending on the type, one to two frostbites.

With a sphere of ice cream, the recommended daily sugar intake limit is already attained

One 50 grams fruit button contains 66 calories, the same amount of chocolate ice cream 96, and vanilla 110 calories. In addition, other sweets are not recommended! So-called aqueous ice creams, milk-free "ice cream" contain less calories. However, ice cream containing artificial sweetener (raw sugar) can cause diarrhea to a greater extent. Let's choose alternatives, like making smoothies from fruits and cold yogurt. Sweetened with banana, pineapple. Let's put it in ice cream bowl and put it in the bowl. Throat inflammation does not cause ice cream, does not lower the throat, because by the time it reaches, it melts and warms up in the child's mouth. However, do not add a cold drink when it has warmed up, as the sips will be swallowed immediately.