Postpartum psychosis

Postpartum psychosis

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Lyndsey Walker, 20, has experienced a very serious and rare version of postpartum depression, which has led to voices and arrogant fantasies about killing her own child.

The newly-born mother heard a male voice in her head saying that she was a bad motherand her whole family would be better off dying. The voice also wanted him to strangle his child, which made the distressed mother finally try to commit suicide. Formerly working as a hairdresser for a baby girl nothing of his child was scared, and because of the environment, and pretending everything was okay, he actually felt worse day by day.

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Lyndsey and her couple were very happy to learn that they were expecting a child who had finally given birth in December 2012 after 39 hours of butter, but she herself was surprised at how much she felt ъjszьlцtt irбnt. She finally turned to her doctor for encouragement, who had been told that the voice in her head had caused the devil to be destroyed. The doctor quickly diagnosed postpartum psychosis, giving the mother antidepressant treatment, but by that time she was on the verge of taking all her drugs in a glass of wine.
Recently, Lyndsey was added to the pszichiбtriбra, where he was under close supervision and could not see any girl. This was when he first felt that his child was missing, and when he could go home again, he was able to see how beautiful his baby was and how wonderful it was to be with him.
Since his healing, Lyndsey feels it is very important that more people know about this terrible disease that can catch anyone, and it is impossible to overcome without help.
THE postpartum psychosis about a thousand per woman, meaning much rarer than childbirth depressziу. Symptoms may include hallucinations, confusion, sensory disappointment, or behavioral behaviors. The disease can occur in any person who is newly born and should seek medical help as soon as possible, as this will result in complete healing.