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Miracle Palace in 2 locations, in 2 locations

Miracle Palace in 2 locations, in 2 locations

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The Miracle Palace, which has been operating for 20 years, has a new location beside Campona in Ubud, on the Bay of Bécsi, and now has 2 locations on the world surrounding us.

The Parenting Exhibition is a lackluster interactive exhibition

The 2,500 square foot group at Playbar all ages szбmбra web link йrdekes szуrakozбsi formбt (playbar valу egyьttmыkцdйs eredmйnyekйnt Brand in the kйt cйg цsszefogбsбval szьletett the orszбg elsх interaktнv tudomбnyos szуrakoztatуkцzpontja) .The three thematic (Szьletйs, Illъziу, Newton) interaktнv kiбllнtбs, the (Richter Gedeon szponzorбlt posts by these people) Labor, the science shows, the lecture hall, the 9D cinema specialty cinema, and the cosmic cinema, as well as each of these scholarly liberation rooms, are all open to the public.

Born, Newton and Illinois

The Csopa Playbar Area 3 -200 m2 each -is a special themed exhibit, which can be viewed by both individual and group visitors.
The topics of the exhibits are those of Parenthood, Illinois, and Newton, who is considered the father of physics. The exhibitions are not in the strictly scientific space, but rather with fun items and gadgets equipped rooms come to visit. There will be a number of interesting programs, lectures and events related to exhibitions.
The Parenting Exhibition is a desperate interactive exhibit that covers the topics of conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and related gender issues.
More details of the attraction include interactive presentation, so that knowledge not only reaches the visitors at the level shown, but can also be experienced. For example, fetal age can be invoked in a stylized mother's uttered voice, but it can also participate in the mixing of male and female chromosomes.
For a couple of minutes, you can choose between a male and a female visitor, and try to bear the sweet burden of being pregnant on the 9th of the month! The exhibition features short films by the popular On the Spot team, Csopa Palybar, which will provide insight into countries of interest in six continents. Attractions are a great way to keep your school classroom's biology alive, as well as for sex education in a more relaxed setting.
The Illustrated Exhibition introduces visitors to the world of optical deceptions. While explaining visual illusions is a challenge for a researcher, Csopa Playbar wants to bring everyone closer to understanding how the brain and eyes work. Immersed in physiological and cognitive illusions, visitors can take part in a series of eye-examinations, which may include interesting 3D images.
The feeling of endlessness can test their furniture in the lobby, sway in a labyrinth of very lullaby, and await a number of other eye-catching ideas. The Illinois Exhibition is an ideal location for retaining interactive biology, drawing, mathematics, or any history.
At the Newton Exhibition, he wants to bring the laws of the physicist closer to the people; playing and daring to introduce them, and dispel the false belief that physics is boring.
Following the tradition of the Palace of Miracles, the tools of the exhibition experiential learning methodically sheds light on the phenomena and relationships of physics and other sciences studied by Newton. The exhibit is also part of Isaac Newton's own, who is resting under an apple tree and waiting for those interested in physics. Part of the attraction at Csopa Playbar is the special pendulum, the clear telescope, the slope movement, the planetary motion, or the anti-gravity wheel. And you can sit in the big Munich lift, and you can make it your own.
It is rare for a school teacher to give Newton a full understanding of a wide range of scholarly work. However, the interactive thematic exhibition provides an easy way to discover and present the results of Isaac Newton's major research.
In addition to drinks from the flask on interactive tables at Playbar, players can play three-sided, XXL, two-person and sleds, billiards and beer pongs.
In the middle of the week, school groups can participate in thematic, curricular activities while the Playbar business point is in operation, and the conference room hosts conferences and events.