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Esther's Diary - Week 40 It's Time

Esther's Diary - Week 40 It's Time

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From the 12th week we could see Esther being here on. And now? Yes! Brown is finally here! Oh, and applause!

What can we say? Thinking back to July, I still feel that by the forty weeks, the air particles were not shaking like they were before. In the days before one of the biggest events of our lives, we could not think of Urans, except when did the birth start? And though all our thoughts revolved around it, we didn't let the excitement settle on us. There was another big question besides when, when Giza would be home when she needed to, since Die Hard was back in the 5th century and was not every day, just when she was out that day. I've written some time ago that I was frustrated with the thought of calling me rescued if I was alone and Geza would come after me to the hospital, if there was no scene but it would be better to leave with her ... Barna was on Saturday 21st July 2012. My mom and Geia were really looking forward to the day, because this is a "good kid", not like anyone has a good idea for a good start to their birth, but I think obedient little boys are still there. But I didn't imagine anything, I didn't feel anything, and I was in the deck to be born in the next minute or even a week. Needless to say, nothing happened on Saturday. And neither Sunday. In the hospital I was already having a daily abundance, since the litter started to get older from week 40, the amniotic fluid was running out, so continuous ultrasound and NST control were needed (baby's voice and frequency). We knew that Barni's head was all the way down and that, according to measured data, the amount of amniotic fluid had begun to decline. Then I was more interested in giving birth as soon as possible. I knew that Giza was not working the other day, I also knew that Babika was sleeping that night, so at that time Giza would mix me up a "cocktail" so she could start things. Newfound nothing was lost on the net, Giza went to sleep, and then I too. Twice at dawn I woke up my belly was really deaf, didn't even want to stand up, so I ran to the toilet and did well, I was sure if I was still pregnant I would miss the baby! I showered and went back to bed, waking up at 3.30 am in severe pain, with so much force and pain in my waist that I suddenly stumbled into Giza's back: "Gee, wake up! Giza sat up in the bed and immediately took out her phone to start the stopwatch, while I was still sitting in the middle of a cuddle, squirming, almost squirming on the bed. When he gave up, we quickly called Babik, who told us to go to the hospital. We set it to 4.15, the cars were back in the car for just 4 minutes, we were just in front of a police car in red, Giza was trying to blink before we could buy them again. It was like dawn and almost no traffic, "it was too crazy, plus a quarter of an hour until the Bajcsy House was on the 3rd floor. Written down the hallway, we saw that a girl was suffering, her husband was clinging to his shoulders and he was in a state of horror. that I wear, but I couldn't quite answer (you see, at this point, the big queries that were important so far fade away) brought a white cardboard dress so fast, and had a length of about one year, and one to two. I literally shouted "Babika is really crazy!" At 5 o'clock my fetal water was split between two females, this is no f It didn't come to me in the morning, it was warm, as if I had spit on without being anxious, so I asked if the water was clean, it was. And from that time on, the capital lettering began, and after the flow of the amniotic fluid began to become thicker and stronger, the cubs were lying down, and my mouth was on my "cross." If the pain came, I screamed, I pleaded, but most of all I didn't understand why I (we women) have to endure it now, someone help me because it's unbearable! Babika kept asking me what I was feeling, did I feel like I had to poop? Not long after, I felt something out of place, a mega-push stimulus on my body, something that I had nothing to do with, my body quoted and just obeyed the stimuli. Awesome energies have been released in me. Giza was beside me, except for my head, squeezed my hands and moistened my lips with a cloth, held oxygen in my little nose, despite all of this, I felt like I was drowning, or I was drowning. My initial chaotic twist had to be overcome, too, because Doctor Fabiyan gave me a strong expectation that from now on I would not shout, and I would keep the rest of the energy pushed, because it was about. quarter ounce and got the baby. So, after all, I know for a fact that I couldn't grasp physical speed, unfortunately I didn't really understand why I was lying here extended and not holding a ball with Gisza's hand clasped. The supersonic exercise (4 fingers under one hour to a lost waist) was terribly painful, and I can't compare it, of course, to everyone. The last couple of pushes I remember that the pain started to wane and I was desperate to ask, but why not come, what happened, come again! I wanted to be away from it all, I felt we were very late and that was the point. Then I got a little oxytocin, which I immediately felt what I needed, now I pressed it in silence, pressed it as I could and still did, and then it was just over myself to the last great pain. This was the point when I had to cut a little bit of my dick, the new mummy that I was afraid of, and what I was saying was okay, just get the baby out! At 6 o'clock in the morning at 15 o'clock, I pushed the last push a bit further than the impossible (remembering Bari's advice and welcoming Doctor Faban), and then suddenly, as if a big wet carp had crawled out of me, all the rest of my head. I thought they were lifting the bluish-green, white-haired Barni, "Why don't you cry?" - I asked desperately, but at the moment I heard her voice, it was nice, not sweet. They were born to look at it tightly as it came up to the world with a slight pressure on the top of its head. Giza as a faithful little retriever, I remember always holding my hand and sometimes looking at me, where the baby could not go or stay. I asked him to go after Brown, while my heavily aching subbases were super-sewn, arranged, and approx. half an hour ago I was back with the baby when I was on my own. Barni quietly walked away in her little pussy, Giza gave it to me, and it was already much nicer than it was when I was highlighted. He looked at me, though he hadn't seen me, but he was so calm and cute, sucking two fingers loudly, we talked to him in silence, sometimes we looked at each other with gaze, and the same words. That this moment that was and will be ours, the 40-week-old baby conceived at last, is now whispering in our arms at 3550 grams, 55 centimeters. We are three now, and I have found ourselves so complex, both in the past and in the present, the college student in love at the time, the kung fu trainer, the current boyfriend, and the future proud daddy and their mother. We became a family in that one urn, in the living room. It was an unforgettable and beautiful summer day, July 24, 2012, the birth of our little boy Barnabas and our New Year's Eve.