CSOK: This is how much penalty interest you will have to pay if your child does not come in. Details of valid CSOK from 2016 onwards

CSOK: This is how much penalty interest you will have to pay if your child does not come in. Details of valid CSOK from 2016 onwards

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With the support of $ 10 million and the news about the discounted loan, the idea of ​​a 3-child business turned into the minds of those who didn't want to hear about it. What happens if we realize that the plan is still not fulfilled?

How many miles did you use for your home?

  • $ 600 for 1 child,
  • 1 million 430 thousand HUF for 2 children,
  • $ 2.2 million for 3 children,
  • After 4 or more children 2 million 750 thousand HUF.

  • If you buy something new or make / buy, then…

    … For one child, $ 600,000,
    After 2 children about 2.6 million HUF,
    … For children of 3 or more, there is a $ 10 million non-refundable subsidy.
    If the couple does not even have a child, they also want 3 children, then they must "fulfill" the 3 children within 10 years. Existing dwellings are not excluded.

    These are the terms of the CSOK

  • in the 180 days prior to the application - max. 15 days off - you must have an internal or external employment
  • your income may also come from sole proprietorship or affiliation, or from a cooperative or legal relationship
  • need a 2 year health insurance (legal relationship is good too)
  • first, if the couple has only one member under 40 years
  • until now, the childhood limit was 16 years, which could be taken into account, this is extended to 20 years, and this can be shifted by another 5 years from higher education
  • CSOK can also be requested for family adoption
  • none of the households had committed an economic crime
  • Ground flooring and roofing also qualify as a new home.

  • Another positive change is that the government will reduce its housing tax to 4 years by 5 percent.
    It is planned that the benefits and benefits will not only encourage the desire to have children, but also help the carpentry industry and its financing. It is hoped that the number of new homes built each year, out of the current 8,000, will approach the previous 40,000.

    What about Discount Credit?

    In addition to the non-refundable subsidy of HUF 10 million, HUF 10 million can be repaid - 3 percent more favorable interest rate than before - 3 percent interest rate loan. The conditions are the same as for home support. What about interest? The interest rate is fixed for a period of 25 years, but the state guarantees the interest rate of 3 percent thereafter.
    Today, more than 200,000 families are eligible, meaning 3 or more children in the household.
    Further information can be obtained from the EMMI customer service.