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Children in the 1 / 2-4 age group are approx. 2-3% have a tendency to flare. We do not know exactly what predisposition is, but recent genetic research has found genes that can be detected in the majority of children who have a tendency to cerebral palsy.


As the name implies, in contrast to epilepsy, the febrile condition always occurs in a febrile condition, usually in the lungs of the fever. The relapsing state is not caused by the febrile illness but by the febrile state itself. The child becomes frayed, distracted, fixed to one eye, limbs stiffen or twitching, and loses consciousness. In most cases, the spindle dissolves spontaneously in a few minutes. If the sputum state does not dissolve by itself, a fast-acting drug is needed because prolonged eclampsia causes brain cells to swell. divided into simple and complicated. We speak of a complicated respiratory tract if it does not dissolve by itself within 15 minutes, it is repeated within a few days or a few days, if the child is one year older, or if he / she has a complete neurological syndrome. doctor's job. Based on international agreement, the first-time, uncomplicated lymphoma does not require a 1-2 day hospital observation. In Hungary this is accomplished by pediatricians for conscientiousness and caution, and in most cases, neurological, ophthalmic, and EEG examinations are also performed.
The tendency to flutter is thought of after 5 years without treatment. As far as we know, epilepsy is not prone to. always call a doctor, even if the predisposed child is predisposed. This is important, among other things, because the condition of the spastic state can be a disease in itself that can be associated with fever and spasticity (eg cerebral palsy, encephalitis). Sedux (the active ingredient diazepam) is the most commonly used stomach remedy in pediatric practice. Intravenously administered, it will almost immediately eliminate a seizure. For children with cirrhosis, diazepam-containing (rectal) solution for infusion is usually administered to infants. In Hungary there are two discounts available, each with 5 or more. 10 mg of active ingredient; diazepam-desitin or. Stesolid solution.

Practical tasks

The effect of amidazophen formulations on the spasm of the spasmodic is impaired, therefore, in a child who is known to choose a spasmodic antispasmodic agent. Some antipyretic preparations contain, in addition to amidazophen derivatives, a sedative and vapor-soluble active component (e.g. Germicid-C formulation, Supp. Antipyreticum pro parv., Etc.); in the case of high fever, amidazophen content can also be chosen if there is a need for a rapid onset of flame retardation and no other agent is available. as a cushioning component. Flammable procedures are no different in children who have a tendency to fever, but they should be treated more carefully than in children who have a tendency to febrile fever. the spindle cannot be bypassed with the proppant dampener provided.The child's own home physician is naturally aware of the tendency to flare up. If your child is being treated by a foreign doctor (care, hospital, nursing, etc.), indicate a tendency to flare-ups. For a longer vacation, take a rectal vaporizer with you. let's add it to our wisdom, ubiquity.