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Loads: Work conditions are also important

Loads: Work conditions are also important

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Operation "Everything Your Baby Is Healthy" should begin a few months before the planned conception. There is a long-standing experience that physical labor and exhausting physical activity during exercise are not conducive to fertility.

Loads: Work conditions are also importantThe "managerial", overtrained lifestyle and the physical and mental exhaustion that goes with it also reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Not only the amount of work, but also the conditions are important in terms of preciousness: if parents are working with hazardous chemicals, organic solvents, paints, radiators that are harmful to health, it is better to leave it alone. We are well aware that this council is difficult to accept given the situation in the domestic labor market. A skinny or chemical can't get out of the way: kids, I want to get pregnant in three months, we'll see you again after the child's maturity! The most you can do is comply with your work safety standards as closely as possible.
It is only when a pregnancy can be detected by ultrasound that a woman working in a dangerous workplace can go to hospital.
However, protecting the fetus is not just a matter for the mother. Sure, would-be dads: Gentlemen also have to stop smoking and drinking frequently! Good work can only be done from good materials, and back ... with the right "tool".Related articles on work and pregnancy:This is good for you if you are pregnant
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