How to open the world before an ovis?

How to open the world before an ovis?

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The "why" era puts parents in the middle of a small challenge. The child psychologist explains how to answer the questions.

Mom, where are the trains going? How are dogs better than humans? Where can I Find a Real Dinosaur? Familiar questions to parents of a pre-school child are not always easy to answer. Bojti Andrea child psychology gives some useful tips on how to open up the world to our babies in the "what era". In technical language, this is called the age of three years "for what era"when the child is causal relationships However, a lot of the questions not only mean new knowledge for the little ones, but also greatly contribute to the strengthening of the parent-child relationship,

With our help, the world opens up for children

"Because of racketeering, it is perhaps less important in the child-rearing era, though it is an organic and important part of the child's development. The answers help the small the world to know, something excitingand you can count on parents, whatever you are concerned about. This period also paves the way for the concentration skill that the seedling will have to put into practice later in school. However, we need to know how and to what extent to respond to the blunting requests, since the child's perspective, Step by step, at their own pace "If you're coming to the train yard, the ovis will ask you where these many trains are going, looking for a personal sample to make your choice easier. Let's just say even where the grandmother - or other relative the child knows - and let's show her the pattern at home. Let's call attention to long winding rails or the huge billboards of trains that show the way and move the train, helping women and brides to get to work or to visit their friends. " in front of your child, if you may not be able to give an accurate answer to the inquiry. Ask the Dad or get a book to search the Internet together! However, note that do not give scientific answers, but a little verbal, simple enlightenment.If the child asks why the dogs bark at each other, tell them they talk like that, and if you pay close attention, you can also tell them what they are doing. Can we even tell a story in which the dogs talk about what happened to us that day, and can we return to the child what happened to you today? Tell me what was in the oven! "- said the psychologist. Many times the fairy tale can be useful besides the Szekler commentary. Committed to responsible entertainment, the Minimax Children's Channel introduced the new Pixi movie series, which gives parents the power to educate the world of education in education. The protagonist of the fairy tale series, the red captain Pixi, meets the Wizard Wall in the woods and asks him what he is interested in.