If your baby falls

If your baby falls

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Typically, "fallen" babies return to their diet after every meal. This can be a terrifying experience, especially for a beginner parent. Dr. Gabriella Stanley, a pediatrician, talked about how this can be dangerous and unexpected when your baby will grow up!

If your baby falls

Etetйs. Bьfiztetйs. Bukбs. Clothes Exchange. Padlуtцrlйs. My son was a scrapbook for us every day for six months. We used to eat a lot of parties and of course I was constantly worried. Countless inquiries have been made in my head. My baby is sick of doing this? Was there any breast milk left in the little one, or did all of it come out? Can your belly bother with this? Is this bad for him? How many months would you do this? I used to call a doctor because I wasn't so convinced it was a normal occurrence. As we began to recharge, I fell less and less. Currently eight days old. I will continue to breastfeed my meals in the morning and evening with the daily fruits and steaks, and I will tell you that she is completely gone. Elmъlt. Kinхtte. And I calmed down.

Why is the baby failing?

"Call it a failure when your baby stomachs through the esophagus the diets come back. This may seem more serious, vomiting, but it may be just a small spit in your mouth, or we may see something come back in your mouth but swallow it again. relatively often (regardless of the maturity of the first 3 months, the babies fall by about a third), because their stomachs are much smaller, so they need to fill up more quickly. This is the circular muscle approx. You will reach the normal rate at 5 months, "he says Dr. Gabriella Stanley pediatrician.

Can it be dangerous?

Failure, like the other thing about a baby, has to be based on how much it interferes with the baby and whether it hinders its proper development. "If your baby grows, grows and feels well in the expected pace, then we should try to use nihanna "practice"failures do not need to change clothes regularly or clean your linen. Fall can be a nuisance to your little one as well, as when you drop your stomach is littered with This can corrode the mucous membrane, which becomes lighter in the baby's meal, or in the 30-45 minutes following the meal. the amount that has failed is not much, or even not visible, because it only comes up to the throat, for example. That is, we need to think about reflux even if the baby does not fall voluntarily, but does not develop the weight, impermanent, stingy. That is why if your baby is not developing properly or is just crying a lot on the meals, it is best to talk to our pediatrician, who will help me clear the symptoms, "the expert suggests.

What to do in practice?

Since the main cause of the problem is that a lot of food does not fit in the tiny stomach, the applicable "tricks" are to solve these problems:
  • more common and shorter long-term feeding (that is, often give less)
  • frequent and thorough biphasics (to prevent the air from filling the baby's stomach)
  • after eating the baby for 30-45 minutes keep it upor at least steeper to make the food harder to roll back (call it positioning, keep the baby dependent or at least raise the end of the bed to the end - of course, beans do not die) going down we just made the situation worse)
  • dietary supplements help to keep food in the stomach (which can be solved by using nourishing dietary supplements, or by breastfeeding before breastfeeding, by feeding 30-40 ml of specialty milk, .antireflux formulas)

Can I use a medication?

"Gyуgyszeres kezelйs not fejlхdх, nyыgцs babбknбl jцn szуba, the child's doctor dцntйse alapjбn. One tнpusa the gyуgyszeres kezelйs the visszafelй irбnyulу tбplбlйk-mozgбs megakadбlyozбsбban segнt, mнg the gyуgyszeres kezelйs mбsik tнpusa the stomach savtermelйsйnek csцkkentйsйn keresztьl six to visszafolyу tбpanyag not be so acidic. "

Do you have to think about the baby at first or barely fall when the fall falls?

"Beekeeping can also degrade the use of certain drugs that deserve special attention, such drugs are asthma medications, certain heart medicines, sedatives, and the introduction of bucolic acidic foods into the diet of the greater baby (citric acid, paradise). running through the lower part of the trochanter, causing diaphragm or certain special developmental problems can cause failure. For more severe complaints, this should be considered, "says Dr. Stella Gabriella.

When can you expect to think?

Because the diets given in the first few months are liquid (breast milk, formula), it can be expected that when we start to give our baby a smoother diet (pops, then smaller pieces) it will march, then they think. If this is not the case, you should definitely consult a doctor.Related Articles in Failure: