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"Druzhluk", "Y" Mom and "Alpha" New Concepts in Parenting

"Druzhluk", "Y" Mom and "Alpha" New Concepts in Parenting

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"Helicopter Parenthood" is a familiar concept for most parents, but it seems like it's almost gone, and helicopter parents are slowly being called "drun parents." What does this expression mean?

"Drun's baby", "Y" mom and "alphabet""Y mom", "drun szьlük" and "alfбk". What do these increasingly common concepts mean in parenting? Many kids are already growing up in the fact that dads still opt for a couple of sneaky emails at dinner and baths, and moms order their family's weekly food ration, not to mention the crap out of it. Parents are "digital natives" and children grow up in the world of their parents, and other factors influence their choices and choices.

Y mother

Generation Y is called the young who were born between 1980 and 1994. Members of this generation are now starting a family, becoming a mother, and in some descriptions they are also called millennial mothers. With regard to child-rearing, they follow completely different guidelines and principles than their parents. They are more aware of parenting, more open than previous generations, and typically have a much more advanced baby life it changes the way you live less often. Wherever possible, carry with them the babбikat йs if they can, often kйrnek kьlsх segнtsйget its йrdekйben that felnхtt йletьket hasonlуkйppen tudjбk йlni than small szьletйse elхtt.Miutбn have the New Account generбciуs anyukбknak the vбsбrlбsi szokбsaik mбsok is greater than vбsбrlуerхvel korбbbi members generбciу that's why marketing companies are investing more in research into their habits. From these research data, for example, it is a surprising fact that a much larger number of members of the new generation do not survive in childbirth, and more the use of different public spaces is completely natural. Facebook and Instagram are considered by many to be the inspiration for Pinterest and not to run a mom or dad blog. Many children will have a full digital history by the age of two, since the first ultrasound photo of their parents documenting their lives on the Internet. There is something about the profession, but many people start something completely new with the little ones, which we can better tune in with the kid's agenda.

Authentic information

If your child is catching or greening your cuckoo's, or maybe your baby is multiplying, Y moms will almost certainly not call your baby or mommy some guidelines in the morning, but put this in your internet search first the question is in the appropriate groups on the community pages, where answers are sent from a mother in a similar shoe.This is basically no problem, to say the least, how to bring a bean on a windier spring day. But there are situations where the internet certainly can't come up with a personalized solution. At this point, it remains uncertain which of the many pieces of information can be accepted as credible? Stubborn diarrhea for a few days, or a bad, out-of-the-way outburst doesn't seem to work out with Google or your mother-in-law.

Drún szüla - Continuous control from the remote

The fact that Y moms are almost immersed in the world of the internet, smartphones, apps, different gadgets, has changed the way babies live with children in countless areas. These phenomena also gave rise to the expression "drowning", which is a good summary of this change in approach. Internet use is essential, with the presence and active participation in public websites on a daily basis.But, for example, the use of telephones has changed drastically, even though there was a cell phone, but a half-brick was dropped that could be used exclusively for telephony. The directory of telephone applications is now extremely wide-ranging. We can place a baby on the phone with our baby and start a call with the help of a program when your baby wakes up. We can manage the development of the baby with the help of a telephone program, and even a little check whether the child is away from school for the benefit of these programs. but their excessive use can also create a whole new parent-child relationship. Even in the case of "helicopter parents," the parent is clearly present and, like the helicopter, around the child, delimiting the small maneuver, the "drun parent" even though he is almost physically absent, the child may not know he is being watched.This tendency begins at a very young age, and of course there are very useful insights from the pupil to the olfactory observer that really add to the baby's life. But there are more and more truffles that tend to be used to reduce parents' over-anxiety and to monitor their little ones. Such a bodybuilding lingerie, a baby camera in a room or a stroller, a smart sock that provides continuous feedback on the baby's physical condition. , and the touch you need, but this trend is certainly well thought out, and seeing the rapid evolution of technology, it doesn't stop there either.

Does the social media increase competition?
According to some theories, yes. Just think of the fact that we can see a fair amount of pictures on the community pages every day. Mom in a pretty set, with her toddler in a similar outfit, comes to the market with a small basket. Of course, such a picture is harmless and correct in itself, but if it has just opened, we should leave the tenth baby's bed in the gray as early as nine o'clock in the morning;

Who are the alphabets?

Future researchers call children born after 2010 an alpha. According to current surveys, researchers fear that small children in full digitalization they will have far fewer personal relationships, due in part to the overcrowding of the parents. Therefore, their parents will be much more effective than their previously born children.When we see that our little toddler is playing very well with others in the sand, Dan Schwabel surveys that show that today's American students appreciate their communication and social abilities due to modern technology and the Internet.Also, with much greater potential and much faster impact on the world around them. Mark McCrindle according to an Austrian demographer, this generation may be one that can truly reverse certain processes in the world and, for example, be able to effectively combat global warming. All we can do is say so! Generбciуk:
Йpнtхk: Born before 1946, 70 people
Baby-boomers: He was born between 1946 and 1964, 60s and 50s
X Generation: Born between 1965 and 1979, early 50s, 40s and 30s
Y Generation: He was born between 1980 and 1994, in his 20s, early 30s
Generation Z: Between 1995 and 2009, children and teens were born
alpha generation: 2010 - From babies to ovis children
(Source: Mccrindle Research: Word up - Y and Z Generation Lexicon and Guide to Communicating With Us)Related articles:
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